Our mission at SIC is to provide a highly professional, evidence-based service. We look at the patient as a whole, including their lifestyle, profession, sport and sporting goals.

We aim not only to treat, but also to educate the patient, and by making them part of the treatment, we hope to prevent further injuries. This, coupled with correction of equipment (shoes, etc.), training schedules and imbalances, will hopefully help the patient reach a higher level of function and awareness.

Our treatment approach is very dynamic with much attention paid to personal rehabilitation of the injury.

Through our involvement with various UCT and school teams and intensive continuing professional development (both SASP accredited courses, weekly clinical sessions and informal self study), we keep ourselves at the forefront of current physiotherapy and medical practice, and treat and manage accordingly.

We charge medical aid rates and submit directly to most medical aids.  ICD 10 codes are used to facilitate reimbursement from your medical aid.

There is a special dispensation/fund for full-time UCT students with no medical insurance who are accidentally injured whilst participating in UCT organised sport.