what we do


As the name implies, the main focus of the SIC team is the management of athletes of all levels, from the ‘weekend warrior’ to those in a more professional setting. Treatment is, however, not limited to sports injuries or those participating in a sporting environment.

The team is made up of six physiotherapists and three biokineticists.

We commonly manage:

  • Sports injuries:
    running, rugby, soccer, dancing, climbing, rowing, surfing, swimming, musicians, cycling, hockey, etc.
  • Soft tissue injuries:
    muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Disorders of the back and neck:
    back and neck pain, sciatica, disc prolapse, osteoarthritis
  • Rehabilitation post-surgery:
    cartilage or ligament repair, disectomy
  • Whiplash injuries of the neck
  • Work-related repetitive strain and overuse injuries
  • Postural dysfunction and headaches
  • Fitness and training programmes (biokineticist) inclusive of bicycle setup
  • Shoe assessments and advice (biokineticist)