SIC pilates classes involve a series of enjoyable mat work exercises. Using integral principles of breathing and postural awareness within ALL movements, members also learn to explore other fun movement challenges using pilates balls, small weighted balls, foam rollers and balance pads.

Classes are also largely educational and guide individuals toward healthy lifestyle and posture. Less emphasis is placed on a rigid sense of “correct” or “incorrect” rules for exercises. Instead, we focus on creating awareness for good movement patterns and respect for the body as a dynamic, complex and intelligent system.

All classes are facilitated by a registered biokineticist or physiotherapist, and are an affordable way to continue to achieve healthy movement patterns. We keep classes small to allow us to give every participant individual attention.

Back classes include both pilates-based exercises as well as traditional stretching and strengthening training, yoga and neural mobilisation.

Please contact us for more information on availability, costs and times. A one-on-one assessment is compulsory before joining a class.

Monday evening – one hour
Tuesday lunch time – 30 minutes
Tuesday evening – one hour
Thursday evening – one hour


It is with great excitement that we announce the start of more pilates classes at SIC.  Classes will officially start in May 2016 on a Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon and will hosted by Marisa Breytenbach (qualified physiotherapist).

If you are interested, please book for one of the orientation classes (no charge) on the following Tuesdays: 15 & 22 March 2016 at 7h30 – 8h15. This will allow Marisa the opportunity to introduce you to the basics of pilates.

Space is limited so please phone 021 686 7777 or email info@sic.org.za to book a spot in one of the orientation classes.