Helene Simpson is an expert in her field and has been invited to speak at both local and international symposiums. She presents a number of workshops and talks to physiotherapists and biokineticists across South Africa.

These include:

  • One and a half day workshop on ankle and foot injuries: immediate treatment and rehabilitation
  • Two hour workshop on manual treatment techniques for ankle and foot injuries
  • One hour talk on cuboid syndrome
  • One hour talk on the difficult ankle
  • Two hour workshop on ankle and foot rehabilitation and the management of chronic ankle instability

Helene is willing to discuss the content and format of these workshops depending on the demand of the physiotherapists and biokineticists. These workshops can be accredited with the HPCSA.

In addition, Iain Sykes gives talks on taping techniques in affiliation with BSN Medical.

If you are interested in arranging a workshop with Helene or Iain, please contact us.