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A successful week at SIC

A successful week at SIC

Another big week at SIC! A huge congratulations to Marisa and Cobus on the birth of their baby girl, Emmi. A massive well done to Andrew for passing his OMT course and Good luck to Mike, who will be presenting on Rugby injury on field management at Sports Science on...
2016 – A year of change for SIC

2016 – A year of change for SIC

2016 has been a year of change for our practice. For 20 years, we were happily treating, managing and preventing our client’s injuries. But, this year, we had to deal with many new challenges. 3 Resignations: Ginny (reception found a full time post), Iain resigned to...
Another busy and successful week at SIC

Another busy and successful week at SIC

Another busy and successful week at SIC! Well done to all our staff for doing an amazing job. A massive good luck and congratulations, from the team at SIC, to all our athletes who competed this weekend and for those who are busy with their pre-season training....

Dear Patient,

We are now open for treatments.

We are offering two options:

Telemedicine. This is in essence a consultation online at a platform that you prefer. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions, discuss options and solutions, or tweak an existing rehabilitation regime. There are strict terms and conditions in place for this engagement. A small fee does also apply (paid for by most medical aids).

– Should this not be sufficient to address your problem, we will be doing “hands-on” treatments. A screening process to determine you as a low risk for COVID 19 will precede the appointment. These treatments will be done off-campus at select venues where there are very stringent hygiene measures in place. Treatment fees based on recommendations from your medical aid.

CONTACT US BY EMAIL: accounts@sic.org.za. Judy will answer questions and give directions.

You can also phone us on 021 686 7777.

If you get no reply and you have to speak to us urgently: contact Helene on 082 885 0357.

Kind regards,

Helene Simpson and the team