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2016 has been a year of change for our practice. For 20 years, we were happily treating, managing and preventing our client’s injuries. But, this year, we had to deal with many new challenges.

3 Resignations: Ginny (reception found a full time post), Iain resigned to go into the world of business, and Debbie has just resigned after receiving the most amazing opportunity from Old Mutual to implement a physiotherapy regime for patients for painful spines.

2 New physiotherapists have joined our team: Anna and Andrew, both studying towards their OMPTG 1. They are doing a brilliant job, slotting into the void left by these great physios. And we hope they are doing to do very well in their exams too.

Marisa has been on maternity leave since the 1st of November. Keryn’s baby arrived a little earlier and she is currently on maternity leave too. Stephen is holding the fort quite happily.

But, even though I am hobbling on crutches, the remainder of the team are standing strong: Michael is a rock; besides coaching rugby, he is also running the patient side of things, Perry is dealing with all those complicated injuries and doing a fine job of it.

The admin team of Judy, is looking after our finances and Wendy and Shelly are happily reassuring patients and directing them through security at the Sports Centre. We are so grateful it is peaceful with so many students writing exams and continuing with their training and sport. And thank you to Arlene, who is cleaning everything for us, so we can just focus on our work.

So, it seems that 2016 might end better than it started! Thank you again to our supportive patients.